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This website will provide the residents with general knowledge and background on the Arrowsmith Water Service (AWS) and the Englishman River Water Service (ERWS).

Planning for water supply in this region dates back many years. We secured storage by building the Arrowsmith Dam in 1999 and the next phase for the Englishman River Water Service includes a new river water supply intake, new water treatment plant and distribution system. These new initiatives will mitigate our current risks and ensure a safe, secure drinking water source for the future while at the same time, sustaining a healthy river system.

Englishman River Water Services

What is the Englishman River Water Service?
The ERWS is a joint venture between the City of Parksville and the Regional District of Nanaimo, formed to secure a bulk water supply from the Englishman River. This regional partnership supplements existing well supply sources owned and operated by the City of Parksville and Nanoose Bay Peninsula Water Service Area. Please see the section on governance for an understanding of the joint venture agreements for the AWS and ERWS.
What is the ERWS project?
The City of Parksville and the Regional District of Nanaimo (Nanoose Bay Peninsula) recently completed an expansion to the drinking water supply which will ensure a safe and secure water system for the community.
  • In-river water supply intake designed/located to consider the needs of river users and to protect aquatic habitat.
  • Water treatment plant with a minimum of 16 million litres per day of membrane filtration capacity to comply with new water regulatory treatment standards.
  • Transmission supply mains to homes and businesses.
Why was this project necessary?
To ensure a safe and secure water system is available for now and the future. Island Health has mandated the improvement of water quality standards for surface water (river water) with a deadline for compliance of December 31, 2016.
>> Water Treatment Plant
>> River Water Intake
>> Water Supply Transmission Mains

Mission Statement:

An environmentally sensitive use of water to improve fish habitat and domestic water supply

Arrowsmith Lake Dam
Arrowsmith Lake Dam

Englishman River Water Service Project
Englishman River Water Service is improving the water system for the City of Parksville and the Regional District of Nanaimo.
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